First of all, if you're here for the nudes:  I'm sorry I tricked you. But hey, what did you expect 😉

Also, I'm quite flattered you clicked it, thanks a lot 😉 This doesn't mean you'll never get any nudes.  It just doesn't mean you'll get them either. (In all honesty, you probably won't.)

Now, why does this page exist?

It's pretty simple: I love writing. I love experimenting with life and sharing what I learned with you. I love hearing how it helped you and feeling like I'm actually doing some good in the world.

Now here's some things I don't love:

• Advertisements.

• Articles written for no other reason than luring you into buying a product that hopefully will give you what you didn't get from the article.

So I flipped the model around. On this blog it goes like this:

I write stuff you like.  Then I smile, shrug my shoulders and say "Hey, would you mind helping me to ehm.. survive... so that I can continue to do this for people like you?"

But it's not about me asking for free handouts... I do realize it's people like you that make it possible for me to continue posting multiple books worth of free content here without having to make compromises.

If you donate, you can be 100% sure I will contact you personally. Most people, especially the people who donate more than once, have become people I have regular contact with. I listen to their problems, stories, and wishes.  I write articles for them.  In some cases of extremely generous readers I even give them free coaching.

Who knows, maybe some day you will receive the nudes after all in return for your support 😉 (I highly, highly doubt it 😉 )


Personal Info

Donation Total: €50

Once again, thank you so much for supporting my in trying to spread ideas than can make people treat themselves, each other and the world better 🙂


How Much Should I Donate?

That totally depends on you.  Some people give small amounts every month, some people donate when they liked a specific article, others donate a very large sum just once.

If you're not sure how much you feel is appropriate to give, you can use this handy list that compares any thoughts you may have about me or this side and the corresponding amount:

"Here, have some food, you bum!" = 10

"By the way, your last article wasn't half bad." = 20

"I'm kidding, I frikking loved it! Also, websites are expensive to run." = 50

"Call me on skype, I believe you can help me with this problem I'm having." = 150

"You know what, call me twice.  (Not that my nick-name is 'Twice'.  I mean, two skype calls.) " = 200

"You can thank me for this donation by coming to visit me in my country." = 600

"My country is vegas and I also want you to marry and divorce me." = 2.000

"Dear Pep, this is my last attempt to acquire the nudes.  If you don't send them over right now I'm afraid you'll have to lose me as a donator.  I will also share one of your articles every day with the message 'This blog really sucks, don't read it.  It sucks.' Kind regards, me." =100.000