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Mental State / Anxiety Relief Pep Talk

Mental State / Anxiety Relief Pep Talk

Do you sometimes sit at home feeling you can't handle your own thoughts or feelings?  Perhaps even to the point that it makes you anxious or depressed?

Do you realize you're in a downward spiral but have no idea how to reverse it?

Are you looking for a friend?  Do you feel like you really need to talk to someone but don't know who to turn to?

First of all: You're not alone in this. 

I get messages from people who feel that way every week.  And for what it's worth: 

I used to  feel like that myself.

These personal pep talks are the answer to that problem for you.

During a private video conversation, we'll figure out which triggers or patterns cause you to feel that way.  Then we'll learn to:

• Detect them early when they come up, before they grow so intense. • 

• Create positive momentum in the opposite direction. • 

...and most importantly:  Teach you to relieve these feelings on your own and get rid of them in the long run.  

After all, the whole point of coaching should be to get you to a point where you don't need it anymore ;-)


If you're ready to kick anxiety and negative thought loops out of your life for gooddrop me a message and we'll schedule a call for you as soon as possible!

Since  most of the time these feelings are urgent to deal with, I just dropped the pricing from €150 to €79.  

Call last 60-90 inutes, I'm not very strict on the clock ;-)  

I'd rather help you for real than interrupt the call right before you feel better.

If you could use a pep talk right now, click the button below:

6 Months Lifestyle Design / Inner Alignment Guidance Program

Ready to Take Your Life to the Next Level? 

What if you had the chance to redesign everything in your life from scratch?

That's exactly what I will help you do with this program.

Unlike other blogs, I'm not luring you in with the same big dreams of driving lamborghini's, dating supermodels and working 12+ hours a day while traveling the world simultaneously.

The point of this program is to discover what you really want in your life deep down in every area.  Whether it's health, relationships, career or spiritual growth.

Then we figure out exactly how you can start making that life a reality.

But the true power of this package, lies in the fact that there are weekly follow-up calls for six months straight.  So you'll always have me to hold you accountabile for actually doing these things. To help you deal with unexpected setbacks or roadblocks, and to correct course when needed.

But there's an even bigger advantage to it that I haven't even considered until someone I worked with told me.

And that's the fact that deciding to get coached for 6 months is a pretty radical decision. 

Not only does it show you are committed to real change, the very act of ordering coaching makes that commitment even stronger.

In their words:

"The reason why I made such rapid progress is because I wanted to get back what I invested in it. 
Of course I'm going to take your advice and follow your guidance to the smallest details, even when every muscle in my body is afraid to do it.  In this situation, the pain of facing my fears is less than the pain of losing the money."

Paying up front (or in chunks)  is the barrier you need to break through to confirm for yourself that you are truly committed to making a change.  This is what separates the dreamers and theorists from the real action takers.  Because it literally prevents you from bailing out when things get a little hard.

(The program is priced at €1500 for six months of continual private coaching)

When someone's a real go-getter, they're more than willing to invest what it takes to get what they want.  People like that already have everything it takes to succeed.  They just need a little guidance sometimes.

Have you reached the point where you could really use someone to guide your life to the next level?

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Full Day Approach Anxiety / Social Skills Intensive

 Do You Find It Hard to Talk to Strangers?

What about strangers that look especially pretty?

Do you get nervous or shy when you think about walking up to them?

Do you worry at all, perhaps about not knowing what to say?

Or worse... Maybe do you fear that they will somehow be rude to you or not like you?

This is actually an extremely common thing.  It's called approach anxiety.


And I'm 100% convinced I can help you fix it.

Even better.  I'll help you fix what comes after.

Because once you've faced that fear and can no easily start a conversation with anyone... How do you turn them into friends or lovers?

Maybe you're the kind of rare person who doesn't suffer from approach anxiety, but simply has no clue what they're doing wrong in this second part of the interaction.

In both cases, I'm more than willing to spend a whole day with you to fix it.

And when I say fix it, I mean by going deep.  Not only will we be facing your fears and getting you out of your comfort zone.  We'll find out where those feelings come from and how to deal with them.

We'll find out which body languages mistakes are getting in the way for you in your social life, and turn you into the kind of person that easily engages people into conversation.

Obviously, things like this cannot be done over Skype.

You have to actually go out and talk to people.

But luckily, I'll have your back for the entire day.  And I'm more than confident that that's enough to bring about some real change in you.

Here's a real reaction from a guy I worked with named Uvis, who was kind enough to let me share it with you:

"I went and met Pepijn because I really wanted somebody that would push me. I wanted a third person's perspective. And to me he's somebody that knows about this things. With him, it was really cool. Sometimes it was uncomfortable, but that was part of the deal.
And after that, it gave me a really calm, flow-like feeling that made it very easy for me to talk with strangers. I would definitely recommend Pepijn if you are in a similar situation (social anxiety) and want someone with experience that can really guide you. I have no regrets whatsoever."

The pricing for these full days is €300, unless I have to hire Space X or something to get to you ;-)

If you're ready to transform your social life and sex life the way you always dreamed it would be, just drop me a message below and we'll make it happen: