Can We Meet In Person? / Can I Get Private Coaching?

You're not the first person asking for a personal talk about a specific problem they have.  And I always enjoy saying yes to these requests whenever I can.  There's nothing I like to see more than people becoming more free, conscious and happy in their lives.

So if you want that too (who doesn't),  I'm here for you.

But there is one requirement:  I've met up with a lot of people who read this blog so far. And I used the same donation system for these coaching sessions or skype calls as I use to keep all the content on this blog free.  We simply schedule a date, and then you can reward me (or not) according to how much it has helped you.

And surprisingly, what I discovered was that the only people who experienced real results and concrete changes in their lives, were those the ones who actually paid me before we met, instead of deciding the amount after the results.

And no, this is not some sleazy sales technique ;-)  Here's the reason for it:

I never understood this relationship between paying for a MeetUp and seeing actual results, until I had a talk with a reader who showed exceptionally fast progress when we were hanging out and treating his social anxiety.  After a few hours he was already doing what he used to never be able to do: socializing with strangers, walking up to women he found attractive to flirt with them, and doing all kinds of crazy stuff in public.

This is what he told me:

"The reason why I made such rapid progress is because I wanted to get back what I invested in it. I drove all the way to Belgium from another country and paid you €150.
After doing that, of course I'm going to take your advice and follow your guidance to the smallest details, even when every muscle in my body is afraid to do it.  In this situation, the pain of facing my fears is less than the pain of losing the money, the time and the gas I spent to drive here."

Because of that realization (and because my schedule is pretty packed), I'm no longer doing free MeetUps, even though I would love to keep them that way.  I'd rather be a helpful guide towards real change than waste your time.

Money in this case is the barrier you need to break through to confirm for yourself that you are truly committed to making a change.

When someone's a real go-getter, they're more than willing to invest what it takes to get what they want.  People like that already have everything it takes to succeed.

People have a hard time making a real commitment that way, are simply not ready yet (which is nothing to be ashamed of, it's just the place you are at in your journey).

If you're ready for real change, simply drop me a line by clicking button below, and we'll set up a date or skype call depending on what works best!
I'm looking forward to meeting you

What People Say After Meeting

"I went and met Pepijn because I really wanted somebody that would push me. I wanted a third person's perspective. And to me he's somebody that knows about this things. With him, it was really cool. Sometimes it was uncomfortable, but that was part of the deal. And after that, it gave me a really calm, flow-like feeling that made it very easy for me to talk with strangers. I would definitely recommend Pepijn if you are in a similar situation (social anxiety) and want someone with experience that can really guide you. I have no regrets whatsoever."