Which Posts Should I Read First?

With over 100 articles on this blog, it can be a little hard to guess which ones you would enjoy reading first. To save you the effort , here are the 12 most popular articles on this site (according to readers, not me), sorted by subject matter:

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What's This Blog About?

To be fair, I'll basically write about anything that inspires me (In fact, if you have a problem you want some advice on, let me know.  I've written posts for specific readers before.).  But there are a couple of recurring themes you might recognize across different posts:

#1: Your identity, your beliefs, and reality itself are fluid and malleable.

Think you know who you are?  Think you know how the world works?  Think again.  Or better yet, don't think.  You have the freedom to reinvent yourself every day.  You have the freedom to decide that something you have always believed in is no longer true from this moment on.  You can change the reality you live in by changing your subjective experience of things.  When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

#2: It is possible that you only live once.  If there is an afterlife, it's possible that it's horrible.  If you have more than one life, it's possible that the next ones are gonna suck.

...but don't let that get you down.  Because this one is pretty awesome.  You have a whole world full of sensations, places, people and activities to explore.  But there's no way of knowing for how long it lasts.  So when something's important to you, don't let it wait.  Don't be one of those people with regrets on their death-bed.

#3: Align yourself with love.

Learn to love yourself, to love your work and what you do, to love other people.  Respect your own integrity and the life around you.  When you have a problem to solve or a decision to make, ask yourself:  which would be the most loving way to deal with this? Unsurprisingly , this will also lead to the best results most of the time.  So even if you're an unashamedly selfish person, it's worth reconsidering that attitude.

#4.  Be responsible for your own happiness.

The universe doesn't owe you shit.  People are under no obligation to treat you a certain way.  When it seems like there's a problem with the outside world that needs to change, it usually means you are the one that needs to change.  You may feel like you don't deserve the situation you're in, or you're not the one responsible for creating it.  But at the very least, you are responsible for how you react to it.

But once again, don't let that be a downer.  That dreaded "responsibility" is actually a synonym for a little thing called "freedom" 🙂

#5.  "The Matrix" is really a thing.  And if you don't know it existed, you are probably still in it.

We are born and raised in a world full of social constructs.  Spoon-fed with ideas about what is normal, how the world works, who we are and how to relate with people.  Ideas that most of us never question.  The truth is that a lot of these things we believe in exist only in our collective consciousness, not in reality.  Just because everyone agrees something is real, doesn't make it so.  In fact, whenever you find yourself blindly agreeing with the majority, that's a good indicator you may need to investigate a little more.  Have you tested these beliefs?  Have you tried doing the opposite and seeing how that worked out?

Luckily, the door outside the Matrix is open.  And if you have the courage to step through it, life becomes a completely different experience.


Who Writes This?

My name's Pepijn.  But since the person who can pronounce it is a rare breed, let's stick with "Pep".

I play in a punk rock band called Wasted 24/7. I never drink.

I taught a class at a university last year.  I dropped out of high school a decade ago.

People say this blog has changed their lives. Other people say it pisses them off.  You'll have to decide for yourself which group you belong to 😉