Are you ready to turn your life around but have no clue where to start?

Trying to build more authentic connections, friends and lovers but having a hard time fixing it?

You know what you should be doing with your time but somehow keep procrastinating?

If you’re looking for help things like this, you’re definitely not the first to ask.

I’ve gotten requests like this ever since I started this blog. And while it’s not always easy to make time, I make it a point to answer them all.

The people I’m currently coaching picked me to help them face their (social) anxieties, to guide them in creating deeper, non-needy relationships with people, or to create a plan for their life and follow it up together.

They say my biggest strengths are thinking outside the box, figuring out the right things to focus on with a specific issue, and improving character/mindset.

However, when it comes to the type of problems you’re experiencing, you can basically ask me anything. I’ve received requests going from becoming a better writer, to curing insomnia and improving your sexual performance. So don’t be shy. If I’m not the kind of person who can help you with it, I will simply tell you 😉  And if I know someone else who can help you, that's even better!

Here’s a testimonial from someone I helped over his anxiety to meet women:

"I chose Pepijn because I really wanted somebody that would push me. I wanted a third person's perspective. And to me he's somebody that knows about these things. With him, it was really cool. Sometimes it was uncomfortable, but that was part of the deal.
And after that, it gave me a really calm, flow-like feeling that made it very easy for me to talk with strangers. I would definitely recommend Pepijn if you are in a similar situation (social anxiety) and want someone with experience that can really guide you. I have no regrets whatsoever."

Sessions usually take one hour.  We start with a talk where we go deep into the problem, get some perspective on it and then discuss actionable steps.  It's possible to book a single session, but usually we work together for about half a year.  The best results come from following up regularly.  And the goal is to create an actual permanent change.  Not just leave you feeling good for a few hours after the talk 😉

Use the form below or add me on Facebook to check if we can plan in a session!