About This Site


Do you ever feel like you want something more?

Like just living the life you’ve been taught to live somehow doesn’t make you as deeply happy as you’d want it to?

Well, you’re not alone.

I used to feel like that as well.  And I used to believe I was the only one.  But through the years I met all kinds of people (some of which became my closest friends) who feel the same way.

I met people who are not stuck on a level of complaining but are willing to dive into the unknown, experiment, and take action to do something about it.

A largely unnoticed crowd that's slowly waking up, looking at the world around them and thinking “Seriously, humans??  We can do better than this!"

People who say  "I don't want what you all have.  I want to see things as they really are.  I want to experience life to the fullest and do my own thing.  Fuck all that I have been taught by politicians, religion, marketers, television, my teachers, parents and peers, regardless of how good their intentions were.  I’ve got this.” ...and make it work for them, even if it takes them a while to figure out how.

Smart people who might not be natural leaders but are not willing to follow any of the fools that claim to be either.

People who dare to be unique and are united in their differences instead of their uniformity.  Sounds great doesn't it?

Now where do you and I come in?  (That was not a sex joke.)

I’m definitely not the guy with all the answers.  I’m merely part of that crowd just like you, and by sharing snippets of my journey (including many mistakes along the way) I hope to inspire other people as well to finally start living the life they are meant to live.

For way too long we’ve all been living far below our potential as human beings.   We could explore, play, grow, excel,  evolve, experience, contribute, open up, connect and love with a fiery passion.

Instead most people are stuck on a level where they merely “exist” as opposed to really living.

Then they tell themselves it’s okay because everyone else is doing it, while destroying their bodies, each other and the planet in the process.

But you and I are not going to be like that, are we?

Time to level up 😉