Frequently Asked Questions


How the heck do I pronounce your name?

It's pronounced “pup-pain”.  After trying and failing a couple of times, most people just say “Pepe”.  If you don't like the sound of that or want to make it less complicated, don't worry.  You can always call me almighty master instead.  I won't mind!


Why should I listen to you?

I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t.  In fact, you shouldn’t listen to anyone.  Especially not to teachers, politicians, religious leaders, self-proclaimed experts or charismatic people on television.

But if you are in a listeny mood, why not pick me?  You ended up on this website anyway, and 7-8% of my friends say I can be somewhat likeable when I really try real hard.


Why did you start this blog?

People kept telling me I should start one.  So I did it to get them off my back.  Then I picked the domain extension ”.sexy” because I could.

Apparently they were right, because I’ve enjoyed every second of it so far.  I could even say it was a missing piece in the puzzle of my life.



What do you want to achieve with it?

My mission is here is to plant little verbal “mini red pills” in your brain to help you unplug yourself from the matrix and liberate you by bringing you back in touch with your true self.  You know: Freedom, peace and love and all that shit.

I sincerely hope everyone who ends up on this site can leave it a little more free and happy than before they found it 🙂


Do you have a degree in any of the things you're talking about?

I graduated with a master’s degree in high-school dropoutism.  What I liked most about the curriculum was that I got to pick out the specific subjects I found relevant to my life goals, educate myself as fast or slow as I wanted to and look for the specific "teachers" I consider the best.

I also quite enjoyed the complete absence of required attendance, unproductive homework, senseless rules to keep you in line with the rest of the world and finals that require you to memorize information, dates and formulas instead of actually stimulating your intelligence.

And for those weird Matrix people who believe a degree says more about a person than, well... the person itself 😉  Here's me, without a high school degree, teaching at a university :


Okay buddy, good for you!  Then do you at least base your opinions and theories on reputable scientific research?

I definitely do.  But I don’t share those things because that would make for a boring read.

Also, other times I definitely don’t.  I used to be a strict science guy but I’ve come to recognize that the scientific method definitely has its limitations and what is universally accepted as truth right now will not necessarily still be true a 100 years from now.

I’m mainly interested in what really works.  Not in what is accepted by consensus reality, because that’s an overrated hype any way.

That said, I'm the kinda guy that will never write about anything unless it has repeatedly worked for me.

If that bothers you, feel free to read a science blog.  But feel just as free to keep reading this one and continue to get bothered by it, if that’s what you’re into of course 😉


Where can I subscribe?

To get notified whenever I post a new article you can subscribe on this page.

Don't worry, I don’t do fake personalized newsletter type of e-mails.  I know you’re too smart to fall for that shit 😉


Why are your posts so long?

To compensate for my incredibly small penis (a big car was too expensive).

Seriously though, I’m not sure.  They always start out even longer, then I delete all the irrelevant information and they still end up long.  People who read them all often report to like the longest ones best though.

I promise you I'll make a strong effort with every new post to make it as short as possible without losing quality or personality.  I definitely wouldn’t want to waste your time.  If it’s long it’s because I believe every part is worth it.  Feedback is always welcome of course 🙂


Can we meet for like, a coffee or a drink or something?

You can try asking me on Facebook or through the contact form on this site.

I love meeting and connecting with like-minded people, even if it's just for one time.


Can I interview you on my blog / podcast / YouTube channel?

Of course, just fill in the contact form and tell me what you had in mind.  (The concept of your show, topics discussed, etc.)


What’s the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything?



Is it really that simple?

Yes, unless you make it complicated.


Can I write a guest post here?

Yes, you can send in guest posts and if the message aligns with mine I'll be glad to share them and link through to your website as well.


I see you have a lot of great content on this site.  Your site needs optimization / you could type faster / your penis needs herbal size enhancements and you're balding.  I have a great tool for that on Please reply ASAP so I can help you?

Does anyone EVER respond favorably to such questions?  If that ever works, the world is a curious place.


Don’t you need to become realistic and get a day job?  Music and blogging are just going to cut it unless you get really lucky.

I’d love to get a real job if they weren’t so, well… “Jobby”.

They don’t give you more money when you work harder.  They make you less conscious and more conditioned.  They are super risky (because you put the fate of your entire income in the hands of one person).

They rob of all your freedom (especially when it comes to how you spend your time).  They put you in an environment where you don’t get to choose what kind of people you spend most of your time with and often place you in a culture where everyone looks forward to the weekend, hates Mondays and complains about how things are run yet nobody believes they are actually responsible for it themselves.

Of course, if you like all those things more than finding a way to make your passion work for you.  Go ahead and get one while you watch me suffer through endless days of trying to make a meaningful contribution, doing what I want, eating fresh blueberries and making sweet love.  Who in his right mind would prefer something like that over total domestication, right?


My question was not on this list, now I read the whole thing for nothing.  WTF IS THIS???

Don't worry, that means your question was in fact not frequently asked.  You can still ask me any other questions using the contact form.