How Are Technology and Social Media Currently Affecting Your Life?


  • How do you stop yourself from being distracted all the time?

  • What do you do when  everyone you know has an awesome life full of travel, parties and good food while you’re stuck at home behind your computer?

  • How do you deal with the shape of your butt being more famous and loved than you?

This book will tell you exactly what character traits and habits you’ll need to develop if you want to live a happy, carefree and succesful life in the digital age. Best read in combination fresh cup of coffee and some cute cat pictures ;-)

Here's a Bunch of Quotes that Are Supposed to Make You Buy the Book

"This guy is a legend. He writes like a Mark Manson, is as well thought out as Socrates ...and almost as handsome as me. Check out his blog. It's like Intellectual porn."

- Willem, Vlogger from Belgium

"In an era where journalists write 5 star reviews without ever having read the book because the publishers pay their ad money and no one checks sources, this book provides everyone with some much needed resilience and psychological savvy to not fall prey to misinformation and attention-hungry clickbait sites. Rating: 5 Stars.’’

- Excerpt from the article “Upcoming blog-star releases CONTROVERSIAL debut in the middle of his ONGOING SEX-TAPE SCANDAL …YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT” 


“I agreed to leverage my status of authority figure to promote this book by telling my 100K twitter followers how gosh-darn awesome it is. Never has a book been so painfully relevant. I strongly urge everyone to read it. This is the biggest breakthrough in self-help literature since my own awesome debut.”

- Famous author I will promote on this blog in return for his help


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