In case you were wondering... nope!

I’m not here to reinvent myself as a law of attraction guru and completely change the subject matter of this blog.

I’m here for some real talk though.

Lots of things that you think, even when you say those thoughts to yourself every day, do not become reality.

Does that mean the law of attraction isn’t real?

Or that it does work but you’re doing it wrong?

That doesn’t matter. The “LOA” is just one way of interpreting how life works. Which may or may not be true according to your belief system.

But since I’m here to keep things as real as possible, the subject of this article is fit for everyone, including rationalists, atheists and any other kind of -ists.


Thoughts As Potential

One thing I'm sure we can all agree on, is that thoughts are a form of untapped potential. Thoughts are like little sparks that can ignite a big fire. Or little seeds that possess the power to become a full-grown forest one day.

Just look at the Empire State Building, or all the renaissance cathedrals in Europe. For most of history, these astonishing place didn’t exist. Then one day, someone gave birth to the idea of those buildings with a thought in their head. And the more they thought that thought, the more it start to take on a full, detailed shape. Maybe they shared it and more people started getting involved with the fine tuning of their idea, or they just stayed true to that vision and employed people to build it. But one thing is certain: Those buildings would never exist if it weren’t for that one architect (or their client) who initially had a thought about them.

But you don’t even have to look that far away from home to find examples of the power of your thoughts. One positive thought about a person’s first impression on you, can light the initial spark for a great relationship or friendship. And later, one negative thought about their not being able to stop leaving the toilet seat up, can plant the first small seeds for divorce.

So, yes, inner thoughts have the innate ability to manifest big things in the outside world.

But they can not do it on their own. A spark needs oxygen and some dry tinder to grow into a real fire. A seed needs to be nourished by the soil, water and sunlight to actually manifest a tree.


How to Let a Spark Ignite

Fires don’t always happen when you want them to. Humans had to learn to control the flames, and guide the first spark to its appropriate proportions. By adding wood. Or blowing on it.

Similarly, thoughts need a little initial guidance from you to become real. Think about it: When you invent a little melody in your head but you never hum it aloud, did it ever manifest in the physical world?

This is where most people seem to go wrong.

If you are like most of us, the world in your head is rich, colorful, filled with crazy ideas and fantasies, or even normal, mundane things, that never make it into your physical reality. Which is a shame, because they could really add some color and excitement to your life.

I’m not gonna start preaching here that you can build the next Empire State Building, Space X or Disney World (maybe you can). Instead, how about starting at the bottom?


Unmanifested Thoughts In Your Day-to-day Life

At the most basic level, unmanifested thoughts are all around us in the form of unspoken words.

• It happens when you see your friend putting up pictures of her artwork on Facebook and you think “Wow, see’s doing great. I love how she has her own style, and maybe things will be hard at first but from the looks of it, I think she can make a career out of this.” And then just click to like the picture instead of telling her.

• It happens when you’re on a date and you find yourself admiring the beautiful shape of the other person's neck or ears.  But then you keep it to yourself because you believe it would be a very strange compliment.

• It happens when you think you have an exceptionally awesome teacher compared to all the other crapwads out there.  But you only talk about that with your classmates, instead of telling the teacher himself.

All these thoughts hold the power of becoming something bigger. Of impacting someone’s life in a very positive way. But even though they cost only 2 seconds of effort to say, most of us keep them inside.

Maybe we think they’re weird. That they are unimportant. Maybe we don’t say them because we are afraid of the reaction. Or because we think that the other person already knows how we feel (which doesn’t matter at all, not a lot of people grow tired of sincere “I love you”’s).

Fuck that shit. The first step to letting your thoughts manifest in reality is to express them. After all, if you can even make a word come out of your mouth, how are you going to build the empire state building 😉


The Second Level: Small Actions

On the second level of unmanifested thoughts, we have small actions that don’t seem very important or urgent.  It’s not that we don’t see the value in them.  Usually, we do recognize them as cool ideas. It’s just that they are very easy to do some other time. And most of us are very busy, so we dismiss or postpone them for no actual reason at all.

An example would be when you’re home early and think “I love my wife. When she gets back from her stressful day at work I’m going to surprise her with a nice little back rub. Or flowers. Or a gang bang.”

But then you just end up surprising her with microwave lasagna and the newest episode of Game of Thrones instead. Which isn’t very surprising because you do it every day. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Because you wouldn’t be doing it every day unless you actually enjoyed it, right?

So in essence, there is nothing wrong with the things you did instead. They were probably very enjoyable.

All I want to draw your attention to, is that the thoughts of the back rub, the flowers and the gang bang were little seeds in the back of your mind that had a lot of potential (for better or worse). And it may have been fun to make them a reality while the idea was there.

Because thoughts are fleeting. Maybe you’re not a very romantic person in the traditional sense. Maybe there was only one day in your whole life where you would get those thoughts.  And that was the day for you to manifest it.

In my case I can literally remember only one time I have ever thought of picking flowers for someone. Luckily I did it, because I’ve never gotten that idea again ever since, and it did seem to make her happy 🙂 Would’ve been a waste if I hadn’t done it, right?

I do have to remind myself a lot of this, and there are a lot of small and big things that pop into my head that I forget to make a reality for whatever reason I see fit at the time.  But generally I’ve found that if you act on the ideas that come in your head when you are feeling happy, it only makes you happier in the long run (both you and any other people involved).

[Short little disclaimer here: If you try to manifest the ideas you get when you’re angry, you probably end up in jail or worse 😉 Not being happy is a sign that you're not really in alignment at that moment, so probably not the best time to start applying this advice.  The thoughts you think in those moments are rarely what you really want.]

As you can see, level is basically speaking your mind, but through gestures:

• When you feel like having a long walk on the beach but you’re busy, plan a date before the summer’s over.

• When you feel like thanking someone but don’t know how, send them a thank you note. (I can’t count how many times I skimped on this one, even though it takes almost no effort. It’s ridiculous.)

• When you think having a spontaneous dinner party would be nice, act on it. Get cooking and invite some friends. Why not?

Just thinking something about someone doesn’t do shit. Only when thoughts are translated into action they can impact someone's life or let them feel how you feel about them. If you’re not sure whether you should shoot an invite or a compliment to someone or not, it's 99% sure that you should.

I know this sounds like obvious advice, but it’s amazing how little we actually follow this. So it really pays to make it a habit to align your actions with your words here, even when it can take a little effort some times.


The Third Level: Projects

Projects are basically huge collections of small actions. And we all get such ideas at times. There’s the obvious huge ones (I should start my own business / run for politics / have a sex change). But then there are also a lot of smaller projects that get easily dismissed.

I’m talking about:

• I should clean my wardrobe and sell my old clothes on Facebook some day

• It would be fun to film some practical jokes with friends and put them on YouTube

• Maybe I should take dancing lessons. But I don’t know. That’s kinda weird for a guy. And I suck at it (which is the point of taking lessons, but don’t let that stop you from making excuses 😉 )

Often these are quick ideas that actually excite you for a moment. But for some reason you never get started. Maybe because they don't seem like you (which just means it's something you've never done before, try it any way). Maybe because they seem a little scary. But these can all be really fun things to actually make a reality, whatever they are (I know you have some really dirty ones hidden in that head of yours.) (I meant cleaning the attic, of course).

Because nothing is more rewarding than having a small thought grow into something that actually happens in the real world.

Which reminds me, there’s still this one blog post I’ve been wanting to write for a year or something that I keep not working on even though the thought comes up every month or so.

Guess I know what I need to get started on right after this one.


Making a Change

Learn to be aware when ideas or thoughts pop up in your mind, because there’s a big chance they are the kind of life you really want to live deep down. If you feel very appreciative of some aspect of what someone is or does, express it. When you get these small ideas for things you want to do, no matter how crazy they seem, do them at that moment.  Or at least as soon as you can. Sometimes these can be a little weird. Like going to a forest to yell from the top of your lungs. Or building a wall around your country to keep out Mexicans.

But when you do or say these things, more often than not you’ll notice how great it feels to bring your outer world in alignment with the one in your head.

Because no matter how futile they seem, those are all the small pieces of the puzzle, that will make you feel like you are truly being yourself in this life.


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