Just finished my second video blog! It's about how to deal with being more afraid of approaching attractive strangers than "regular strangers", or feeling more hurt when an attractive person doesn't like you:

In terms of progress with these videos:  I'm obviously still going through the stage of "sucking" but I do think there's already some improvement over the first one I made:

I ditched the filter, and a good friend gave me some advice about natural lighting.  I think the content is a lot more structured and easier to follow in this video, so I think that will help people get more specific/concrete advice out of it.

I stopped smacking my tongue when I was thinking on how to phrase something.  But I noticed now that it's replaced with verbal fillers like "ehm" or "so".  So that problem is still there, but it has just moved, haha.

Things I already know I'll need to work on:

You can tell I don't feel at ease from my breathing / movement.  I still feel it's weird that I'm actually talking to the air around me and not to a person.

My speaking style is still not engaging enough (too stiff and too soft-spoken) as well, so next time I'll experiment with standing upright and getting my heart rate up before the video.

I still have trouble looking into the lens of this thing (it's really small), and by the end you can tell I'm a little distracted by my laptop, so I shouldn't keep that one around either.

Finally, making sure in advance that I have full batteries and enough disk space.  Having that quick little "jump" to a different clip in the middle really shouldn't have been necessary if I had come prepared 😉

Once again, feel free to send me your feedback as well!  I'd love to at least get the basics of speaking on camera down in the first weeks, so anything that's actionable will help me make better video content fast (I'll still continue the normal blog posts of course).  Which is better for you as well 😉

Much love!


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