5 Articles That Can Save Your Life in March 2017

While yesterday’s post was all about death.  This month’s Link RoundUp is all about not dying.

This time, I’ll share 5 things I read with you that I found especially useful or interesting this past month.  And they all seem to have something to do with preserving life, whether intentional or not 😉


Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning

In this article, Mario Vittone compares what drowning actually looks like to how it’s portrayed in movies.  And as it turns out, the difference is immense.  Reading this post will arm you with the potentially lifesaving knowledge of how to recognize a drowning person.  Information that I hope I’ll never need.  But in case I ever do, I’ll be forever grateful to the man who wrote this.


Warning:  Cooking with Aluminium Foil Is Toxic

I don't remember how exactly I stumbled upon Lily Nichols' health blog, but it was one of the few websites on the subject that I actually wanted to stay on.  Most of her articles go in detail about subjects that are rarely talked about on your average run-of-the-mill fitness blog.

This month I’ve been doing a lot of research about the various toxins in our food / health care products  and how to avoid them where we can.  Because of what I’ve learned, I’m definitely doing a heavy metal / plastic detox somewhere later this year.

I found Lily's article particularly interesting as it illustrates we are often poisoning our bodies with even the smallest habits.  Things that seem so normal to us we never take the time to question or evaluate them (using regular tooth paste would be another example of this).


Nearly 100 Year Old Woman Arrest to Fulfill Bucket List Item

This short news article turned out to be a totally different story than I expected, but it definitely made me smile.  This is how I want to live when I’m 100!

How will this save your life?  The woman is literally an age old.  That means she knows a thing or 2 about staying alive 😉  (Yes, I'm totally stretching my subject here.)

Also, props to Ben Hooper for covering positive news stories instead of the usual crap!


The Post-Awakening Thrive Guide:  9 Steps to Embrace the Path of Light

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with words like “awakening”.

While I have experienced a series of significant spiritual breakthroughs myself this last year, I believe this is a process with no end that keeps on going until the very last days of your life.  Thinking you know understand what most older people don't, might be more of limitation than a liberation.  If anything, getting a glimpse of the universal truth should make you humble. This world and this life are so complex that I don’t believe it’s possible to finally ‘’completely get it’’.  Even though at various stages in spiritual development, it may feel that way.

Unless you are extremely conscious (which you will always think you are), it’s a risky thing to call yourself ‘’awakened’’ for 2 reasons:

• You start to see yourself as different from others

• You can trick yourself into thinking you’ve reached some sort of spiritual end destination.

It’s ironically, very easy to build your entire ego around the fact that you supposedly don’t have one any more.  As evidenced by so many of the spiritual or religious minded people I meet that have a very incongruent vibe and seem to lack the very awareness they preach about.  It is weird to hear people speak very deep, profound truths but not see them realize that they don’t apply it to their own lives.

This is not a generalization of course.  I’ve also met many people who I can feel are aligned with their true self, nature and consciousness in general.  Interestingly, unless they are close friends with me, these people rarely talk about those experience.  While most of the self-proclaimed lightbringers keep on jabbering about it. As if they need to convince themselves of their awakened state every other hour.

I love the down to earth ‘’post-awakening advice’’ in Julie Tang's terrific article, for a lot of reasons:

• She presents herself as a mere guide, not an all-knowing teacher.  She doesn't tell you what to believe.  I have a feeling she knows that the truth cannot be contained in words, but people will experience it for themselves when the time is right for them.  Though I can't know for sure as I haven't actually asked her 😉

• She starts with the idea that we should avoid using our spiritual pursuits an escape from reality.  Which I totally agree with, it should be the very opposite of that.  An exploration of it.

• She mentions the importance of taking care of yourself before you take care of the world.  Something I’ve been especially struggling with and often need to be reminded of.

• She doesn’t forget the importance of staying grounded and self-responsible.  Things that a lot of people who dabble in spiritual waters tend to forget about.  Which I don’t blame them for.  If you don’t remind yourself to stay rooted in the world of matter, it’s striking how quickly other energies can sweep you away. Icluding your own.  Especially when you are new to it.


We Will Not Pay: The Americans Witholding Taxes to Fight Trump

While I normally never check news sites, I loved this article and I’m glad I clicked on it.  It shows me people are starting to realize a very important fact we often forget:  Politicians are not the ones in power.  We are.  We employ politicians to solve our problems, so they work for us.  This means that we don’t have to listen to them.  Even if it would be required by law.  We can always withdraw our support.  Just like we can with everything in the world.  

One could argue that we are just small fish. That politicians will always find funding from large companies with despicable agendas.  But even these ‘’big powerful companies’’ would be nothing without people like us buying their products.  And I love the fact that people are willing to act on that knowledge, even when there’s a perceived risk involved.


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