One of my best friends often asks me: “What is the best possible question we can ask ourselves right now?” Which, ironically, often is one of the best possible questions one can ask themselves.

Yesterday that question was: “What are the 3 things you need to do, you that would make you most uncomfortable doing?”

Here’s what came up for me:


Releasing My Book and Promoting It

I’m almost finished writing a book, or perhaps I should say “the book is almost finished writing itself”.  Because it’s about a subject I never thought I’d write about. One day I just sat down and the words started flowing out, without me having a lot to say or think about it.  But I do feel it's something most people can benefit from, so who am I to disagree with my inspiration? 😉

I know that when I’m done, if I want it to sell, I’ll have to let people know it exists.  That means telling all my friends on social media I’m an author now. And exposing myself to possible criticism about the book.

Interestingly, I have no problem sharing my music or blog posts with thousands of people (in fact, I’d love to share them with more, so feel free to help me with that 😉 ). But I do feel uncomfortable about the thought of having a big banner with a book cover and some sales links on my Facebook page for some reason.


Finding a Part-Time Online Job

While I already manage to make some money with this blog (mainly from donations, the occasional coachee, and a very small percentage from amazon book sales), it is not nearly enough to sustain myself. So the reality is that until my audience has grown, I’ll have to look for a part time job (or a multitude of smaller ones) that would give me €500-€700 extra every month.  Most of my skills can be leveraged online, so as soon as I realized this, I started adding some Fiverr gigs for them. Preferably, I’d do some virtual assistant work for someone else’s company or blog though, or something music related.  Which is something I’ll look into to later today.  Wish me luck 😉


Telling My Family That I Love Them

"Every house bears his cross" is definitely a saying that applies to ehm... every house (derped a bit with my writing there).  And it’s easy to focus on the particular dysfunctions your family exhibits.  However, lots of my friends don’t even have a family, or have one that they’d be better off without.  On the other hand, I'm blessed with parents and grandparents who have always implicitly supported me in everything I do, and their actions show how much they love me.

While I have no problem telling my male friends, girlfriend or a random cat on the streets how much I love them, for some reason I can’t utter the words to my brother, sister, parents or grandparents.

Why? I don’t know yet, I guess there’s some digging to do there. But I’d prefer to tell them while they are still alive to hear it 😉


Learn from Your Own Answers

Looking at the answers I got from asking myself this question, I see that one for one, they are clear, actionable things that would have a very positive effect on my life (walking around naked in slow motion in a busy place was originally on that list as well, but that’s the exception that might get me arrested… or not! Guess I’ll have to find out).

So what about you?

Ask yourself this question, and  think long and hard until you come up with the answers that feel most true to you.  (Because I know you like doing things that are long and hard).

They just might reveal the most important actions you need to take to level up 😉


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