For the casual drug user arriving in a new city, a big issue can be the one of purity.  Finding something that's not messed with.  A drug that gives you the desired high, yet stays on the safe side.

Everyone in the chain of suppliers / sellers wants to make as much profit as they can, so they often cut the drugs and add other stuff that looks like it to make it just a little less pure.  Just enough so that you'll barely notice.  Or in the worst case they can cut it a lot and focus on selling to inexperienced users.

Sometimes they add relatively harmless stuff that just makes the drug less pure, other times the ingredients they mix it with can be downright fatal for the consumer.

Of course, getting the real, raw and uncut stuff is a rare occurance, if it ever happens.  But at the very least, you don't buy pills from a random stranger in Amsterdam without having them tested (not that I know that because I did it or anything).



Now why do I tell you this unless you're intending to score some drugs?

Because it can be very beneficial to start acting like such a drug user in other areas of your life.


Gather round and lemme 'splain with some examples below:


How Pure Is Your Food?

The good thing about food is that -as long as you buy organic produce- the pure and uncut version is still available.  However, if you prefer to put a little less effort or time in your meals, you'll have to obtain a lot of street smarts if you want to actually stuff your body with the real deal.

Most of the food in western society so far removed from the real shit that I actually often have to browse through 10 different brands to find something that's made of real, natural stuff.  Including the brands that advertise themselves as healthy.

Generally speaking, if you want to eat healthy but don't want to put in the time to educate yourself, the only way is by never buying anything that's processed.

If you want to put in "just a little" effort and check the labels, another good rule of thumb can be: If it's not made from huntable or gatherable ingredients, it's probably a no go.

Did you hear that news story of the caveman that was found frozen in a glacier with all his skin and hair intact?  And a completely preserved piece of E102 left on his spear that he brought back from hunting?

Me neither.


How Pure Is Your Work?

Are you continuously distracted by social media, phone calls or your environment?

Or  have you designed / discussed a structure for yourself that allows for you to work efficiently while minimizing distractions and busy work?

What exactly is it that you focus on?  Do you mostly take action the 20% of the work that's most important first?  Or are you busy filing forms, preparing, making plans to make plans and discussing ideas?

You can watch the brilliant movie "office space" to see how it's not supposed to be done.


How Pure Is the Information You Consume?

Do you base your opinions on the ridiculously biased view of mainstream media?  Or worse, the ridiculously conspirative and skeptical view of alternative media?  Do you check your sources?

Do you base your opinion about people on real information or on hearsay?

Do you learn your craft by practicing in the field and reading the best books ever written?

or by listening to that one teacher who claims to know it all yet bases his own opinions on a textbook curriculum instead of real life experience?

Did you read that news story of the caveman that was found frozen in a glacier with all his skin and hair intact?  And a completely preserved piece of E102 left on his spear that he brought back from hunting?

If so, then you should re-check your sources 😉


How Pure Are Your Relationships with People?

A man (I don't know if he was wise) once said, there's three versions of you:

  1. The person you are at work.
  2. The person you are when you're with your friends.
  3. The person you are when you're online in your room doing the helicopter dick .  (Or the helicopter pussy, it's a real thing.)

Are you sure you're being that third version with everyone you meet? (But keeping the helicopter part for in the bedroom.)   Do you allow other people to be that version of themselves when they are with you?

Or are you both just sticking to your toned down socially acceptable images?

Are you leaning on other people to make you happy at all? Are you acting needy in your relationships?  Or are you secure enough in yourself already to share pure, genuine soul-to-soul connections with them?



How Pure Is Your Leisure Time?

Do you allow yourself to relax like an 80-year-old would, or let go and play just for the heck of it like a 3-year-old?   Or is your mind always cluttered with leftover thoughts from work?



How Pure Is Your Mental State?

Are your thoughts often occupied with things that really don't matter in the end?  How mindful are you  generally?


Anyway, I'm sure you can think of lots of other examples as well if you put your mind to it 🙂



Becoming a Reliable Dealer

A lot of things in this world are so watered down to make them easier consume for everyone, that they have lost their original essence.

Including a lot of the people, who hide their true selves because they believe it is more important to be liked by everyone else than to be liked by themselves.

When you decide to stop playing the "mainstream game" (that cannot be really won anyway) and start dealing that pure, uncut shit, you might turn some people of.  That's okay though.  They are just so used to eating vanilla all their lives that they almost can't bear the flavor of anything else anymore.

But the people who will like you, will not just like you, they'll fucking love you.


It fills my whole body with joy whenever I hear someone sing a song that comes straight from their heart.  When I meet people who just share their true selves with them, without worrying about their image.

When I experience true, unconditional friendship.  When I meet someone who is able to completely let go during sex and shows me who she really is underneath, in every possible way.

When I have experiences that make me feel real unfiltered emotions, both the "good" and the bad.  Because either way, they're such a breath of fresh air from all the formulaic hollywood stories, advertisements and photoshopped bathroom selfies we get crammed down our throat these days.

And for that reason, I believe this realness is something most people long for deep down.

If you, me, and perhaps even Dupree could all start being completely pure and real with ourselves and others, then maybe we could become the first in a long line of trustworthy, succesful dealers of that real shit that will conquer this planet in a few years..

So what do you think:  Do we have ourselves a deal?

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