Let me start of by saying I’m neither a supporter of Trump, nor Hillary.  I dislike both, but there’s already enough people spewing out their opinions about them.  I really don’t think the internet needs more of that.  With this post I hope to get something entirely different going.

Whether you’re a right-wing extremist, a Muslim terrorist, or a hard-core Justin Bieber evangelist, there is one thing we can all agree on:

A lot of things in today’s society are fucked up, and they need to change.

That is why Trump won the elections.  That is why Obama won last time.  They promised change to a large group of people who felt other politicians ignored the things that clearly needed to be taken care of.

What exactly those things are and how to fix them is something we might be a little less united about in our opinions. But  hey, at least we’ve got something in common, right?

And the main reason we don’t agree about what the problem is, is just another symptom of the underlying sickness that causes these problems. But more on that in a minute.

The fact that someone like Trump – for better or worse – was able to win the elections in itself is also another symptom of it.   You don’t just get that far outta nowhere.  You gain a following because you’re able to voice millions of people’s thoughts and emotions in a way that resonates with them.

The problem is not Trump.  The problem is not Hillary. The problem is also none of the things they promises to deal with it.  Those are all just symptoms of a larger disease threatening 80% of humanity.

And the way we’re currently trying to deal with it is much like taking a child with Chickenpox and trying to remove every individual pock with a very expensive, dangerous local skin surgery instead of even considering there’s something larger at work that creates these pox.

Which is understandable, because that kind of thinking is just another symptom of the disease.



So What’s This Disease You’re Talking About?

This illness we’re all suffering from is a mental one.  It was spread years ago by leaders who already knew that “divide and conquer” was an effective strategy to rule the population.

And while most of us realize that’s how it works, we’re still victim to it.  Because from the moment we were born it was spoon-fed to us by everyone we met.  It’s so imbedded in our culture it’s almost impossible to not catch this illness.

It’s in thinking being rich or poor makes a difference.  It’s in caring about social status.  It’s in the way the media portrays anyone or anything.  It’s in believing we shouldn’t welcome refugees because they’re a little different.  It’s in even mentioning the fact that the killer was black or white.

It’s in the arrogance of believing your country/culture/gender is better just because you were born with it.

It’s in watching your football team lose and getting mad about it instead of collectively celebrating the athletic performance of the team that won.

It’s in gossiping.  It’s in giving little children grades and applauding the “smart ones” in front of the class while telling the others they need to keep up.

It’s the mindset of competition and separation that permeates our entire culture.  Promoting incorrect beliefs about the world like:

·         It’s impossible to win or gain something without other people losing

·         It’s impossible to be right without other people being wrong

·         It’s impossible for something to be shared by more than 1 person at the same time.  It’s either theirs or mine.

·         Other people’s problems are not mine

·         If my problems are created by other people, it is their job to fix them

The main difference here is that a person with a competitive mindset will choose their actions based on which will benefit their own personal gain (or places them ahead of others), while someone with a cooperative mindset will make decisions based on what would benefit both themselves, humanity in general and the ecosystem we live in the best way possible.

If we would all recognize how ineffective this competitive mindset has been for most of the people on this planet, and switch to a cooperative one.  Most of the problems humanity currently faces would disappear.

(Side note: The ironic thing here is that even from a competitive point of view, it would be smarter to consciously take on the cooperative mindset, because all the goodwill you create would give you more “personal gain” in the long run.  From a competitive standpoint, being competitive is still not very smart because you’re only winning one lap while creating an army of people who’d rather see you lose the final race.  Good job, smartass.)


What if all religions stopped trying to compete which each other over whose prophet or bible carries “the one and only absolute truth” and instead started working  together towards the clear goal they all share:  Seeking to raise spiritual awareness among the people on this planet?

What if a court case was not about which party “won” or “lost", but about the representation of both sides working together to find out  the truth about the situation, making sure that justice ensues?

Imagine that, right?  A justice system that cares about justice instead of just the law and which side is the best when it comes to competitive discussions.

Remember the time when the Roman empire fed Christians to the lions during their “games”?  (Come to think of it, you probably don’t.  Or you must be really frikkin’ old.  But you get my point.)

Looking back, it seems incredible to believe that “normal” people like you and I used to watch that shit without their stomach turning or having trouble sleeping that night.  But in reality we’re not that far removed from it.

Those people had no trouble cheering at Christians being violently torn apart by the lion’s teeth because they saw them as “different” from them.

They had no problem because they suffered from that same mindset rooted in separation and competition instead of unity and cooperation.

That is why “Islamic” terrorist are able to feel no remorse killing and raping innocent people.

It’s also why you can love your dog, yet have no problem eating cow or chicken but you would be horrified and outraged at the Facebook pictures of Asian people who have no trouble eating dogs.

Take a moment to let that sink in please.

Most of the conflicts today arise because different (sub-)cultures have opposing values and see each other as the enemy.  If we would be a little more mentally sane, we would focus on problems common to all humans.  Overcoming scarcity.  Repairing damaged ecosystems.  Developing technology. Improving respectful communications between nations (or simply letting go of the concept of borders).  Feeding the hungry. Clothing the poor. Global warming.  Helping all people become more happy and live a more meaningful life.

Defenders of the current competitive mindset will tell you stuff like:  “It’s human nature.  We’re greedy.  It’s a sea full of sharks and you gotta be the strongest one.  Survival of the fittest.  Selfishness makes the world go round and that’s how it’s always has been, yada yada yada…”

…except that it’s NOT how it’s always has been.  That’s just their mental illness speaking.  If hunter-gatherer societies are able to exist by focusing on a cooperative culture of sharing and mutual support, that means the whole “dog-eat-dog” idea on which our world is built only exists because we believe in it and reinforce it by following those same rules, thinking “If I don’t do it, other people will walk all over me.” while secretly wishing we didn’t have to.

So we keep creating these same problems over and over again.  But as Einstein said: We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them.

And that’s where it goes wrong.  All politicians continue to look for solutions within our present social norms.  Basing everything on these values and traditions that clearly didn’t get us to a very good place so far.  But the challenges we face now cannot be fixed within the framework of these outdated, irrelevant beliefs.  If we want to really fix things before they get out of hands, we’ll need to change our mindset.

When you divide people and make them see each other as enemies while putting them in a situation where they have to follow your rules if they want to get their needs met, you don’t get democracy.  You get slavery in disguise.



The Problem with Elections

Why do so many politicians, once elected, fail to make the world a better place for the common man?

One would assume when you go for a job like that, positive change would be your main concern, right?

The reason is that leaders are not elected to improve the lives of you and I, but to maintain the current established order.  They are employed to keep a flawed system going and fix it with more and more rules to act as band aids.

They are motivated to come up with “quick fixes” within the current sick framework. Because that’s what will make the uninformed people applaud, yell “hallelujah” and elect them again, which secures them with another nice paycheck.  Going for long-term sustainable change and treating the root cause of the problem (humanity’s current mindset) would require a lot more explaining.  That and hey’d lose all the  money they get from corrupt and unethical corporations.

No industrial nation is geared towards improving the lives of the people in it.  It is based on the competitive principles of ownership and gaining more wealth / power.

Modern politics have very little do with solving problems.  It has everything to do with money and inflated egos identified with a fixed point of view playing verbal chess with each other.  While the people on the side lines watching the match are only real losers. Arguing with each other like football hooligans not realizing it doesn’t matter who won. Because they are once more getting played in a game of divide and conquer.

That’s why the world of politics is full of lawyers and members of long-standing political families, but contains very little of the people who actually make the world a better place:

Scientists.  Philosophers.  Engineers.  Freedom fighters.  Artists. People spreading a positive message of open-minded spiritual enlightenment.  One of cooperation over competition, consciousness over avoidance and love over fear.

Any political debate shouldn’t even be about who wins.  It should be about how to make this world a better place for every single person and animal on this planet altogether.

The problem is that a system in which people get to vote for their favorite “charismatic leader” will never attract any good candidates.  It will only attract inflated egos and competitive characters.

In a cooperative society, people would not get elected, but summoned.

The top economists of the world would be gathered to solve any economic issues.  Environmental scientists would be called upon to fix global warming.  And in the same manner the most relevant and informed people on the planet would be summoned to fix any of the issues they are skilled in fixing.  No more fat people becoming minister of public health.

No more people in it for the money.  People should be in politics for the sole reason of creating meaningful change together.



A New Economic System

Let’s start with acknowledging that the current economic system is flawed, no matter how much welfare it has already given us.  The problem is that if you have enough money, you’re above the law.

Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is the absolute ruler at the moment.  That means the entire system is controlled in one way or another by a few men at the top.  That’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s economics.  If we as individuals would behave like banks or most of the large corporations, we’d all be in jail or worse.

Does that mean money is the root of all evil?

No, I definitely don’t think so.  Money is a neutral substance we’ve assigned a lot of meaning to.  All money does is it multiplies what you’re already doing.  If you like to party, more money equals more drugs.  If you’re mother Theresa, more money means helping more people on a larger scale.  However, if your mindset is corrupted or sick (e.g. thinking too competitively), money leads to abusing more people for personal gain and being able to do it on a larger scale

Even though a lot of people believe it, money is not what we need to survive or what makes the world go round.  Money is just a temporary middle man that helps us get what we really want:  Food, water, shelter, safety, pleasure, feeling loved, etc.

The problem is that most people in the world are taught to focus solely on the middle man so much that they forget what they really want.  Thus, modern economics runs on the false idea of scarcity.  Because money is scarce to a lot of people.  But if you think about what we really want the money for, those things are often abundant in reality, yet controlled by the people with money to appear more scarce.

We produce enough food for 20 billion people a year, yet 3.5 of the 7 running around on this planet are starving.

Tell me you can read that sentence out loud and still act as if nothing is wrong with our current system.

I’m not saying Frank Lucas is the best role model in the world, but what if we would cut out the middle man?

The money-based economy evolved thousands of years ago.  In all the political or economic systems the world has known that are based on it, power was a result of an individual or group’s ability to withhold food, shelter, health care, education and resources from other people.

The basic needs of the “regular people” are held hostage in exchange for hours of labor. No matter how much you love your job, that’s the truth.

Therefore, any social system based on money will result in people or nations competing over it to ensure their own survival and the satisfaction of their personal needs.

That is why the current system is one that actively promotes the sickness I mentioned earlier.   It’s not the money that is evil. As long as people have the right mindset lots of money can lead to good things.  It’s just the mindset that modern-day capitalism promotes.

A lot of behavior that is socially acceptable today would be shocking to witness in a more sane or rational society.  Even if you have the most positive value system in the universe, it takes an almost impossible amount of willpower to sustain a cooperative mindset when you are in a state of deprivation and living in war or poverty.  That sort of situation will often drive you to do whatever is necessary to make sure YOU survive first of all before helping other people.  Which is understandable, BUT we can avoid it.

In the modern age we have all the technology and resources to provide sufficient food, clothing, housing, medical care, education and limitless renewable energy without polluting the planet.  IF we were willing to switch to a cooperative mindset instead of all fighting one another.

If the governments of the world invested all their money (that they actually don’t have, but let’s forget about that) and power in providing their countries with renewable, ecological energy sources and conscious food instead of weapons to kill the innocent people of other countries with the same fucked up ideals, the world would look a lot better.

Simply put: The world needs leaders that are a little more like Gandhi and a little less like Genghis Khan.


If you take a look at how evolution works in nature, whenever a species current evolutionary strategy fails to work under the new circumstances it will either die out or rise above it by changing its strategy and adapting to the current state of the world.

Seeing how much damage we’ve already done to our environment and how that damage is affecting us, it is clear that as a species we need to change our strategy fast, or we’ll become extinct.

Because honestly, right now we’re collectively behaving like a chronic smoker with terminal lung cancer who’s too stubborn to stop smoking 5 backs a day.

I’d even go as far as to say we’re behaving like that same smokers’ cancer, not realizing that once we’ve grown enough, the smoker will die because of us, causing the cancer itself (humanity) to die as well.

Pretty stupid for the self-proclaimed most intelligent species on earth, aren’t we?

So let’s get real now. The question is not:  Do we need to change the system?

It’s clear that we need to change EVERYTHING,  listen to Einstein and be open-minded enough to stop trying to create change from within the same western value system that caused the circumstances we’re now dealing with.

Because let’s be honest:  Where have those “good western civilized values” brought us?  Mass extinction of animals, global warming, gay bashing, slut shaming and nuclear bombs.  Not quite what we wished for, don’t you think?

The real question here is:  How and when do we change?

I’m not delusional enough to believe I have the knowledge or experience to answer that question.  I will put all my effort in spreading a message that aims to cure theis underlying sickness though.  And luckily, there’s other more intelligent people who are already coming up with answers to that question:

People like Jacques Fresco, Otto Scharmer or some members of the Pirate Party whose ideas are rooted in freedom, sharing and cooperation.

People that come up with worthwhile alternatives to cut out money as the middle man and create an economy based on the available resources of this planet, not fictional numbers in some bank account that can be altered by a few people at the top without any real meaning behind it.

Because they realize the biggest problems we’re all facing are impossible to solve with money.  They are of a different nature.

They realize that if we want to solve problems of shortage, hunger and war, we cannot do it within a system that promotes artificial scarcity, division and competition.

I’m not saying they have all the answers, but they can at least get the ball rolling for us to think about it.  Because if we are genuinely concerned with resolving the problems our species and this planet faces, we will need to declare the Earth’s resources as common heritage to the people and animals on it.

So that people no longer need money but have direct access to the necessities of life that really matter.

So that we no longer have a system where one incompetent leader follows another.  Where politicians are bribed by criminals to treat the people and the world like shit in exchange for money.  Where pharma industries no longer create sicknesses and addictions to sell more medicines but aim to improve the general health of humanity.

Where electricity companies aim to provide everyone with sustainable energy to make us survive as long as possible, not destroy the planet.

Where everyone works together to install modes of transportation that doesn’t require fossil fuel.  Where food corporations don’t destroy entire eco-systems from the planet just to make more money.

The problem is that such a change would inspire massive resistance from the few who currently benefit from the system that is in place RIGHT NOW.

So just presenting an idea like this will generate a lot of…



Criticism & Fault-finding

If this post manages to reach enough people, inevitably people will bash it (and bash me) with all kinds of irrelevant hateful arguments in true keyboard warrior style.  And some of them will even be right 😉

Don’t become one of them.  I’m not saying that to defend myself.  I know I’m also flawed.  I’m also wrong sometimes.  I’m saying it because what those people will not realize is that by doing it they are  spreading the same disease I talked about earlier.

They are attaching self-importance to a specific opinion or point of view just because it’s “theirs”.  They are being senseless trumps, hillary's and football hooligans all over again.  This kind of “battling” between opposing opinions with senseless arguments until you “win” and therefore are “right” and “superior”, making the other person “wrong” and “stupid” is exactly the type of divide and conquer that makes the psychopaths at the top rule the world.  To make a change, it should be replaced by a constructive attitude and looking for a solution to the problems that plague our world together.

If you can’t bring up to do that, no matter how right you are, you are part of the problem.

Come to think about it, let’s finish this post with how you can be part of the solution.



The Law of Supply and Demand for Everything You Hate About the World

(I made a detailed post about this part before)

Never forget that leaders are just leaders.  Not rulers.  Leaders represent the tribe, they don’t create it.

The power is and will always stay with the people.  Presidents are powerless.  “President” is just a meaningless title everyone chooses to listen to.

You can scream “outrage” and “fire” and “murder” all over social media about some president in some foreign country and how horrified you are about his presidency.  You can call all Americans as stupid (divide and conquer) while munching down another bag of Doritos in front of your desk.

But do realize that this is exactly why Trump has gotten so big.  He’s gone viral because we all shared his ridiculous and controversial speeches.  It’s the same viral marketing strategy Daesh used to gain popularity.  We helped them grow their followings.

Change starts in your own backyard.  You can watch "Before the Flood". And I recommend you do. But instead of getting angry at the big corporations, how about you stop rewarding their behavior your money?  You wouldn’t pay a rapist or a serial killer and say “good job”, would you?

Then why would you keep paying people to rape the environment and cheap employees in faraway countries?  Or to kill off entire ecosystems?

If you don’t support behavior like that but still give these corporations your money, you are the same smoker with lung cancer smoking 5 packs a day.

You can point your fingers at the “people in power with all the money”, but they only have the power if we keep giving it to them.

And most of us keep being “okay” with everything.  Because they keep us just comfortable enough to not do a damn thing about all the things we know are fucked up about the whole situation.

When all information is freely available at the click of a mouse, we’d rather promote Trump and IS while explicitly stating we don’t like them (or do).  Because the things they do and say are shocking or absurd enough than actually taking action and changing our own lifestyle and attitude to make sure people like that can’t rise to power again.

I wonder how many people will share this random rant from a random punk rock singer in a random country most people believe is just a city that aims to inspire some positive momentum in people to finally make a change.  If you care, please do and show me you’re part of the good ones (see what I did there 😉 )

Because the good thing about the fact that we can spread things so quickly across social media is that it can also be used for spreading positive things.  So please. Share this, and if you have some, send me all your constructive and cooperative ideas you think can make this world a better place in the comments.

I will compile them and share them in future posts.  Let’s start making a change together and actually become proactive about it. Instead of standing on the sideline like the world is just another football game, arguing with everyone who’s rooting for the wrong team while not doing SHIT ourselves.

The power IS and always will be with people.  Let’s start using it.

Then maybe a hundred years from now, historians may reflect on our current time period as the time when we finally got out of ignorance and inhumanity we thought we had already left behind.

The time where we all stopped complaining about our leaders and all the other people on the planet and realized our fate had always been in our own hands.

Let’s have your children and your children’s children look at their parents and think:

“I’m so happy my mom and dad were among the first to do it right.  The first to focus on helping each other out, creating a world in which everyone can thrive and explore and grow and be happy.   Not on who had the most useless stuff the most child laborers died for, or whose leader had the biggest bomb to compensate for the smallest penis.”


Pepijn out

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