Hi. I'm Pepijn.

I play in a punk rock band called Wasted 24/7. I never drink.

I taught a class at a university recently.  I dropped out of high school a decade ago.

People say this blog has changed their lives. Other people say it pisses them off.

You'll have to decide for yourself which group you belong to. 

What Will You Find Here?


Striving for quality in your relationships, health, work, fun, and overall life experience.


Living life on your own terms.  Unplugging from the matrix of social conditioning.


Treating yourself, others and your environment in a loving and honest way.  AKA not being a douche.


Questioning yourself, learning, exploring, experimenting, adventuring and other things of that nature.

How Are Technology and Social Media Affecting Your Life?

• How do you stop yourself from being distracted all the time?

  • What do you do when  everyone you know has an awesome life full of travel, parties and good food while you’re stuck at home behind your computer?

  • How do you deal with the shape of your butt being more famous and loved than you?

This book will tell you exactly what character traits and habits you’ll need to develop if you want to live a happy, carefree and succesful life in the digital age. Best read in combination fresh cup of coffee and some cute cat pictures  ;-)