Looking for Shit-brown Linings
Looking for Shit-brown Linings
If you ever experienced a point in your life, when everything in your life seemed to suck donkey balls, you may have been on the receiving end of the following verbal pat on the back from...

Welcome to Level Up!

This website is a free resource that you can take advantage of on your journey towards living a more fulfilling life, creating amazing relationships and becoming a more conscious person.

The 4 main values promoted on this site are:

REALNESS: Being honest with your self and others.  Daring to be vulnerable.  Filling your life with real experiences.  Searching for a deep and authentic life experience.

FREEDOM: Living on your own terms. Moving beyond social conditioning. Challenging the status quo. Exploring, experimenting and going on adventures.  Staying open-minded.  Having fluid opinions.  Becoming independent.

LOVE: Connecting with other people.  Respecting other people.  Respecting your body.  Respecting your environment.  Respecting yourself.  Sexuality.  Dating.  Oneness.  Becoming a more conscious and spiritual person. Understanding other people.  Effective communication. Moving towards a more sustainable way of living.

QUALITY:  Being in good health.  Productivity.  Intelligence. Mindfulness. Personal effectiveness.  Doing great work.  Making an impact.  Reaching goals.  Having more fun.