Do you want a better social life and ridiculously rewarding relationships with the other sex?

Get rid of all the drama and misunderstanding that often comes around when dealing with people?

To kick anxiety, self-doubt and depression's butt until they can't hold you back any longer?

Are you interested in improving yourself, your lifestyle, and possibly even the world ...but tired of all the re-hashed advice you find on cookie-cutter self-help blogs?

Then You've Come to the Right Place 

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What Will You Find Here?


Striving for quality in your relationships, health, work, fun, and overall life experience.


Living life on your own terms.  Unplugging from the matrix of social conditioning.


Treating yourself, others and your environment in a loving and honest way.  AKA not being a douche.


Questioning yourself, learning, exploring, experimenting, adventuring and other things of that nature.

Who Writes This?

Hi.  I'm Pepijn.  But nobody can pronounce that, so let's stick with "Pep".

I play in a punk rock band called Wasted 24/7. I never drink.  

I taught a class at a university recently.  I dropped out of high school a decade ago.

People say this blog has changed their lives. Other people say it pisses them off.  You'll have to decide for yourself which group you belong to. ;-)