Embracing Your Dark Side
Embracing Your Dark Side
Most of the people who read this blog (and 100% of the people who write it) are people who strive to -or at least make a conscious effort- to be the best person they can...

Welcome to Level Up!

This website is a free resource that you can take advantage of on your journey towards living a more fulfilling life, creating amazing relationships and becoming a more conscious person.

The 4 main values promoted on this site are:

REALNESS: Being honest with your self and others.  Daring to be vulnerable.  Filling your life with real experiences.  Searching for a deep and authentic life experience.

FREEDOM: Living on your own terms. Moving beyond social conditioning. Challenging the status quo. Exploring, experimenting and going on adventures.  Staying open-minded.  Having fluid opinions.  Becoming independent.

LOVE: Connecting with other people.  Respecting other people.  Respecting your body.  Respecting your environment.  Respecting yourself.  Sexuality.  Dating.  Oneness.  Becoming a more conscious and spiritual person. Understanding other people.  Effective communication. Moving towards a more sustainable way of living.

QUALITY:  Being in good health.  Productivity.  Intelligence. Mindfulness. Personal effectiveness.  Doing great work.  Making an impact.  Reaching goals.  Having more fun.